Scuba Diving

Diving in Puget Sound

Puget Sound offers diverse scuba diving opportunities from shore and easily accessible boat dives with a wide variety of diving experiences including steep sheer walls, rapid passages, natural pinnacles, ship wrecks, and diver friendly underwater parks. Among the sealife, Puget Sound divers regularly see Lingcod, Rockfish, Perch, Ratfish, many types of sculpin and gunnels, a vast array of nudibranchs, and with a little luck, a Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eels and the elusive 6-Gill Shark.

Diving here is not for the timid. The water temps are in the 40’s year round so a good 6mm wetsuit or drysuit is required. The winter is best for the clearest water with visibility usually over 20 ft. and up to 50 ft. With it’s huge tidal exchange serving up nutrients to the entire food chain, it’s no wonder Jacques Cousteau named Puget Sound as one of his favorite places to dive in the world!

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Watch this video for a preview of what you might find while diving in Puget Sound!