Biking on Bainbridge Island

Biking in the Pacific Northwest

Biking is extremely popular in the Northwest!  Many Bainbridge Islanders prefer biking for their commute to Seattle on the ferry,  riding from their homes to the ferry terminal or onto the ferry itself.  Weekends are popular with people looking to ride the ferry and ride around for the day. Every spring the Cascade Bicycle Club opens their season with the Chilly Hilly on Bainbridge where we get 4,000 enthusiasts of all ages riding the circumfrence of the island.

We have miles of trails on the Island for Mt. Biking too.  Just off the island are even more prime Mt. Biking destinations such as Port Gamble, Green Mountain and Gibbs Lake. A little further is the amazing new Olympic Discovery Trail.  I have ridden the Mt. Bike section of this one and it is not to be missed!

We ride year round here, day and night! Make sure you have your mud tires for the winter and spring!  Bainbridge has 2 top notch bike shops to cater to your biking needs:

B.I. Cycle Shop
Classic Cycle of Bainbridge


Squeaky Wheels of Bainbridge
Chilly Hilly
Port Gamble Mt. Biking
Burke-Gilman Trail
Olympic Discovery Trail